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Of a vehicle fire on westbound i seventy at state road nine in greenfield you can see traffic is slow down just a bit so what you might wanna do during this vehicle fire crews are working to clean it up as us forty as an alternate route well let's take a look down on the south side i four sixty five emerson abdul looks like whoa enforcement is on the scene possible crash course keep you updated has been more information elena thank you breaking overnight a car goes airborne on i sixty five police say a woman entering the highway from an on ramp rear ended an suv and then she flipped her car multiple times police say speed was likely a factor in that crash now she got out with hardly a scratch sticking the hospital only for a shoulder injury as for the passengers in the suv they're all expected to be okay investigators are looking into whether alcohol played a role in that crash new this morning a motorcyclist was badly hurt in a crash near i four sixty five in washington street state troopers say speed was likely factor police say the driver took the exit ramp on four sixty five a bit too fast around a curve then loss control and ended up on an embankment badly hurt now

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