Syrian deputy FM: next target could be north or south


Uc's the move as a boost for global trade in the face of increasing use isolationism talks on free trade agreements which will begin in coming months we'll censor on reducing the lava is flowing and smoking asher spewing during this latest round of the kilowatt volcano in hawaii leading to a new warning for residents who why you county civil defense administrator talmadge magnolias when lava hits the water it creates a chemical reaction releasing toxic gas continues at a high rate a lotta love out there still asking the folks to be cautious be prepared as lava can move around still got i guess continent so in warning to people that are down range of the events to take necessary precautions instead gases called lays and is made of dense white clouds of steam toxic gas tiny shards of volcanic glass it contains hydrochloric acid which is about as corrosive as diluted battery acid and can irritate the skin and eyes and caused breathing problems magneto says due to the remoteness and volcanic activity getting the word to everyone has been difficult here we still have a lot of officers national guard county staff on the ground so really utilize them to to get the message and well kill away has been active for the last couple of weeks generating earthquakes and gushing molten rock giant ashby looms and sulfur dioxide the us geological surveys jim quote he is says this is likely just to beginning this is still there early part of the eruption especially this the second phase we felt very fluid stop and usually interruption the first two or three days direct rate is quite high and that it will tell off so i think this is just a long sort of pre eruption before we got to the really below of stuff earlier this week lava entered and then stalled on the property of a geothermal plant earlier this month at that plant fifty thousand gallons of stored flammable gas was removed to reduce the chance of explosions for the ap i'm rob lowe friends with rimet welcome to total wine and more boy this beer out of the way how about if.

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