The Mark and Kichen Show - Mark and Ben are underwhelmed by Patriots draft picks 4-29-2018


Pitching is really good but they're pitching is much better and i think a lot of that comes down to money i mean darvish yesterday what was the one hundred twenty six million dollar contract quintana couldn't tanny yesterday where they give up a good portion of their farm clubs and big money we wanted them yeah hendrix has had our number all along i mean their spending more money even if you look at the starting salaries at the beginning of the year they had over a hundred eighty million we had in the ninety million mark it's hard for us to play picture wise against them i do think we have good pitcher but they have better pitchers the other thing that really frustrated me here was the feeling so guard booted away in one inning that the game that we lost and then yesterday we couldn't catch fly balls for crying out loud that's all i've got to say all right i'll appreciate the phone call luckily the wind was not playing as much havoc today as previous series comes made some mistakes with some balls in the air as well especially early in the series the day game on friday i believe i'm trying to remember everything off the top of my head yeah look the the so guard air came at a really bad time obviously that was a that was a tough play here's what let me throw this out at you if they would've quired jose cantata last year christian yelich be on this team right now because the prospects that they would have had to give away for cantata probably would have stopped them from giving away what they gave away for christian yelich it look it's really easy to say both the brewers and the cubs were in on kitano last year cubs.

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