Meghan Markle's Dad Speaks Out For the First Time


The newest record breaker at the movies cbs news correspondent deborah rodriguez it's time to make some wrong things right warning a seen in incredible to may trigger seizures in people with epilepsy the company says the bright flashing lights in sequence with the villain screen slavery could affect anyone susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy so far there have been no problems reported incredible to sold one hundred eighty million dollars worth of tickets making it the biggest opening ever for an animated film deborah rodriguez cbs news meghan markle's father is talking publicly for the first time since his daughter's wedding to prince harry saying that he wishes he could have been there and watered down the aisle but he's thankful that prince charleston i was honored i can't think of a better replacement than someone like prince charles gillatt very handsome and my daughter looked beautiful with them thomas marco telling itv he watched the wedding from california and he says his daughter cried when he told her he wouldn't be able to attend because of his heart problems he says he thinks a couple is going to have children soon and megan has one of the mother for a long time six forty seven wcbs and pope francis is mincing no words when it comes to the subject of abortion pope francis has compared abortion to the nazi program of eugenics in which people considered inferior like the disabled were murdered in order to purify the area and race the polk denounced couples who resort to prenatal testing to discover whether they're baby has genetic problems abortion he says is like throwing them out form child from a mountain speaking to an italian family association the pope urged people to accept the children god gives them larry miller cbs news six forty eight wcbs traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eighth sponsored by thomas edison state university and here's thomas kaminski and shop radio.

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