Outrage grows as families are separated. Will Trump change his policy?


School day in the mayor mag valley lowell public schools are closed today due to expect it extreme heat conditions inside the buildings and both hateful and lawrence public schools will be calling it a half day reports are emerging from inside the immigrant holding facilities in texas where reported two thousand children have been held separately from their parents while seeking legal asylum in the us here's correspondent david begnaud children and adults are seen huddled together in the building that's divided up into chain link fencing that looks like a cage monique graham is an executive officer at the center she says parents without an extensive criminal history will not be separated from their children if the child is four years old or younger what happens if you're five and older and your mother and father doesn't have a significant criminal history the child will not be prosecuted adult well under the trump administration zero tolerance policy every adult who comes into the country illegally is sent to see a judge for possible prosecution and that is when the parent it is separated from the child that separation can be just a few hours or if the parent is sent to jail it can be weeks months or even years massachusetts congressman joe kennedy tried to visit a tent city for immigrant children at a border town in texas but wbz's carl stevens tells us he was turned away congressman joe kennedy was a man on a mission sunday when he went through tornado texas the site of the first tent city for children separated from their immigrant parents at the border you participated in a protest march and tried to visit the children but was turned away by federal officials spoke to wbz about that it is awfully hard to come to any other conclusion than the trump administration knows that this is a horrible shameful deliberate policy to inflict pain and suffering on children and their families he calls the practice horrifying in his words it just needs to end carl stevens wbz newsradio ten thirty coming up the red sox bats wake up on the way west coast fly ball left centerfield leaned into this what back back back sanders strikes again dave o'brien with the call socks salvages split in seattle adam has it all coming up in sports wbz news time eight oh three traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes back to chris culkeen on the mass pike eastbound a crash in the.

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