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Say to people began shooting at an all night arts festival in trenton new jersey at about two forty five this morning what are the shooter's dead twenty people were injured police say they have arrested a second shooter a heated by his reason affect in parts of the midwest including minneapolis chicago in saint louis national weather service meteorologist jim and davenport iowa says it's gonna be a sticky one day they're facing another day of oppressive heat humidity with temperatures sorry end up into the mid nineties and do points in the low seventies and that type of humidity is making for heat index ranges from anywhere from one hundred degrees up to one hundred hundred and five and plus record setting highs possible tomorrow in the northeast and mid atlantic president trump has been very busy on twitter this morning he has sent eight tweets so far talking about everything from the media to north korea to the economy he north korean dictator kim jong un arte talked by telephone today i'm christopher cruise and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters a new watchdog may be headed to washington and administration aid white house spokeswoman lindsey walters says president donald trump has chosen kathy craning her a little known white house budgeted as director of the consumer financial protection bureau if approved by the senate craning or would succeed her boss white house budget director mick mulvaney who led the cfp be part time since november the us and china have announced tariffs on each other's products and goods starting july sixth and the world waits to see what's next the us trade representative spinal list includes over one thousand product lines down from about thirteen hundred initially and they're mainly focused on china's made in twenty twentyfive plan to become dominant in high tech industries such as robotics aerospace industrial machinery and automobiles china's list includes agricultural products soy beans corn and wheat along with beef pork and poultry and automobiles norway tesla's biggest markets with about eighty five hundred cars sold last year wants to be a pioneer in the market for electric planes wide row will local airline that operates small planes on short haul flights sees no major technological barriers ahead and plans to launch its first commercial aircraft propelled by some form of electric power within the next ten years the.

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