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Exactly listen dispatch dispatch says are they white males the i'm looking at the no i'm looking at the transcript i know listen to me this is what the transcript says the caller says i think they're hispanic i believe one of them for sure he said he's from mexico when i asked what they were doing wanting to study i could tell that they were making stuff up because one of them started to laugh about it once heavier wants probably five seventy noone thinner i don't know maybe one hundred thirty eight hundred forty pounds chief thought that those people didn't belong in there she was late properly by your own definition was recorded her first response is what they look like i think right if they're hispanic and one of those he's from mexico well who comes from those places right speaking people who are from mexico right and she may or may not have let's not get into her intent he may or may not have some reasons because it made her nervous obviously i have no idea what your background did did you but the point is she felt it deemed proper to call the police i don't know about whether or not it needed to be investigated date once the police get the phone from the police perspective from when the police got a phone call tom i've done this man i i told i told the story about how i saw guy acting shady in new york city and i called the homeland security people.

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