Hawaii's Kilauea volcano eruption destroys more homes


The world's busiest volcano is destroying homes and causing heartache for many in hawaii here's correspondent john laurence lava from the hawaiian volcano is rolling over neighborhoods like a slow rolling ocean wave tina neil with the us geological survey says the volcano isn't showing any signs of slowing down there's nothing to say that it can't develop some additional pressure and push beyond leilani estates to the east tip of the island roughly seventeen hundred people were forced to evacuate they were allowed to briefly return home together belongings on sunday i'm john lawrence reporting ladimir putin sworn in for a fourth term as the leader in russia hundreds of protesters outside the kremlin and lots of them were arrested curiosity is building a president trump's deadline this week to whether to remain in the iran nuclear deal the iranian president his name was house on rohani says the us what regret a decision to leave the iran nuclear deal with the world powers here's correspondent fred played guy rania have already come out in the form of the president hostile rohani and said if the us leaves the iran nuclear agreement it would be what they call a historic mistake and they say iran is preparing for it they say there's not going to be any negotiations about any weapons if the iranians might have steve courtney sports.

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