Elephants, tigers kill one human a day in India


Yeah stomp yeah that's that's a wrap kid elephants can be they can but they're also fucked with constantly and you know there's just something to me i like elephants yeah i think they will every look awesome they're cool i'm glad they're they're real i know they're smart i know they have like tight bonds in their community and you don't have to kill one of those to eat it i mean it's like there's plenty of other animals to eat is just but fell starving to death and i was living in a place that only had elephants for short killing elephant yeah i mean if that was all i had to eat our friend brian stevens said it tasted delicious he he ate one in africa that and he said it was is one of the most delicious steaks he's ever had in his life now i was like what like how is that possible endangered elephants and tigers kill a hume one human a day in india is growing population squeezes habitat yeah but this is a crazy situation man india's fucking so overpopulated it is a very very small place what is he doing trying to get over that fence tearing apart that car human deaths since two thousand fourteen wow they kill people a thousand human deaths in four years whilst tigers have killed ninety two people in the same period elephants kill way more whoa that's nuts ended that bear selfish thing it said two other people were killed in that state in india and they're both trying to take selfies with elephants dip shits one of the kid there's too many people in india i mean india is grossly overpopulated in india i think is smaller than the united states right isn't it like what size is india i don't know.

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