Schumer calls for Trump administration to appoint 'czar' to oversee family reunification


And omri computer will back and forth from democrats and republicans over immigration senator chuck schumer is calling for the creation of a czar to take charge of bringing kids and their families back together days after the president signed his executive order to get a handle on the issue of charleston parents being separated i am here to urge that we appoint czar in charge of the reunification process the dior democrat says there's too many different agencies involved in the process a unified kids in there parents maryland representative elijah cummings says the chaos at the border is a reflection of president trump he's gotta be more competent even the policies that he likes he is not been very good at executing so we we've got to find a way did you enter dress that republican senator bob corker says he's glad the administration took steps to end the separation of migrant families the border but the us must keep its borders secure luck i we need to enforce our laws and when people break now obviously especially over and over again there needs to be punishment quote quote so what comes next our washington watchdog jamie dupree breaks it all down with no support from democrats they wanna have a very weak border of republicans are still finalising changes to a second package of immigration reforms is president trump demands action we have to let people in the right people where we have merit based system the more conservative immigration plan was defeated last thursday it's not clear when the house will vote this week on gop backup bill now the first lady made her first public remarks since last week's border visit and the i really don't care to you jacket flap here's reporter dave schreiber trump had a message of kindness as she spoke at the annual conference for students against destructive decisions sunday in northern virginia three zero humidity for family and look out for one another the first lady got a standing ovation sad was once known as students against drunk driving it now has a broader platform and a lot of people are talking about this this morning the owner of a virginia restaurant explaining why she asked white house press secretary sarah sanders to leave stephanie wilkinson telling the washington post her staff was concerned that sanders was dining at the red hand in lexington friday night wilkinson says several over employs are gay upset that sanders had defended the president his efforts to ban trans gender people from the military good mardi gets now five oh five orlando's morning news team coverage of.

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