Storms late Sunday could bring damaging wind, large hail and isolated tornadoes


House them educate them close them why should the united states bear that expense people the united states that could use that money that they don't really our citizens okay here's here's here's the here's the difficulty is that what we're talking about here is we're not talking about people who apply for asylum because that's not where the people are being separated we're talking about people who are walking across the border or somehow getting across the border and then get apprehended by the border control so the question becomes what do you want to do with those people once they are apprehended and one of the things that border patrol agents i've spoken to some of them will tell you it's very frustrating if if you just play a little game and you say oh now got you now we're going to drive you back across the border and dump you off again the people tend to get arrested and that's what the difficulty is what do you do when you're arresting adults who have children coming along with them now most of the adults who get arrested of course do not have children and their that's not controversial right now and we have because the enhanced border security that began under president bush

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