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Courtnall university immigration law professor stephen yell lor thinks the high court justices could side with the president the court may have tipped it's hand last fall when it allowed this third travel ban to go into effect while the case percolated up through the lower courts the court had wanted to stop it then it could have a federal judge in washington wants a total reboot of president obama's daca program that protects young illegal immigrants so called dreamers from deportation judge john bates ruling the trump administration's decision to end daca was predicated on its legal judgment that the program was unlawful but that that legal judgment was virtually unexplained he called it arbitrary and capricious so the trump decision was unlawful and must be set aside administration has ninety days to appeal a shooting outside a home depot in dallas texas left to police officers and historic security officers seriously wounded police chief rene hall three offices are out of surgery that is the two police officers from dallas and our loss prevention officer from home depot surgery we're asking for your continued prayers for them and their families suspect twenty nine year old armanda lewis juarez was arrested after a police chase late tuesday night made a rising number of complaints from parents and teachers the fda's moving to crack down on jewel labs makers of an electronic cigarette that's disguised to look like a computer thumb drive the kids are using it to vape in class and in the public mitch zeller heads up the fda center for tobacco products e cigarettes remained by far the most popular tobacco.

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