Jeff Garcia lashes out about Bucs draft: 'I could care less about who they pick'


Nfl draft coming up and how the buccaneers are going to have a parrot deliver their fourth round pick i believe i did see this so that was a lot of like oh it's going be great the parrots going to name to pick the third round pick jeff garcia there the quarterback coaching guru and former rue and former nfl quarterback who spent time with the buccaneers right he's going to make the third pick shawny which which he tweeted out nicely this started off as a very nice tweet and to take it back nine hundred dollars for those seats nine hundred bucks ahead sorry jeff garcia tweets out thank you for the honor of representing the buccaneers and announcing their third round pick at the draft i johnny nice easy tweet jeff garcia excited whatever so a reporter points out to him hey jeff the buxton have a third round pick they traded it for the gp giants deal to which that must have annoyed jeff garcia because then he tweeted whatever the pick is i'll be announcing one don't turn this into some clowns show dude i could care less about who they pick no nor do i pay attention as to what picks they have or don't have i have a life so then why even be involved in it then how to tweet a mother tweet my bad bucks fans johnny time in tampa wouldn't have said it if it wasn't an honor he just got caught up in a moment jerry was so annoyed again this social media i'm sure that it wasn't just the reporter down in tampa who said oh by the way i'm sure it was every fan like you idiot of course have a third one how many people are expected in dallas for the draft on thursday i did see two hundred seventy thousand people doing why don't know i covered one draft in two thousand five i think actually did a show from radio city on draft day which was fine aaron aaron rogers come sit down with him yeah at aaron rodgers and i had alex smith and it was it was fun by god was it boring i mean it was just you know guy makes the pick.

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