US-China trade talks center on rivalry over technology

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Special tomorrow five o'clock eastern carol i'll be thinking with robert kaplan from the dallas fed wanna talk to you about the international aspects of fed policy and also about the us economy good stuff as always kathleen hayes global economics and policy editor at bloomberg news there at on the west coast attending the hoover institution monetary policy conference at stanford and of course our thanks to philippi hernandez latin america economist bloomberg economics inner bloomberg eleven three studio let's get back to world and national news headlines and it's ever to nathan hager bloomberg newsroom in washington dc nathan carol president trump didn't know about the payment to stormy daniels when he said he didn't know about it that's what white house spokeswoman sarah sanders just said at the daily press briefing in the west wing after the president's lawyer rudy giuliani revealed last night that the president has in fact reimbursed his personal lawyer michael cohen for that hundred thirty grand stated and i'll refer you back to his comments this was information that the president didn't know at the time but eventually learn reports that federal authorities wiretapped cohen before the fbi raid on his home and office sanders is deferring questions on that to the president's lawyers and the justice department says the us cannot confirm reports that north korea's releasing three americans ahead of the president's plan to summit with kim jong un but she says if it's true the administration would see it as a sign of goodwill so far so little to say from president trump's economic team when it comes to trade talks with china the latest from bloomberg's irv chapman in washington china's economic policies plus geopolitical ambitions make the negotiations a tough slog elizabeth konami of the council on foreign relations said in a bloomberg interview superpower they want to reclaim the centrality of china on the global stage they want write the rules of the game they're made in china twenty twentyfive program to protect the chinese economy and chinese industry in ten cutting edge technologies is antithetical to getting the us companies in their opening market access and getting a fair deal economy says the administration would have a better shot against chinese cheating if it worked in concert with allies who have the.

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