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Dr nikko chee and he said that the bullet enter jfk's had a few inches away nobody places for him a few inches away so there's all these questions about bullets and xyz so the point isn't whether or not these things are true is that they weren't brought up in the trial because sir hanser hands defense lawyer stipulated to his guilt so like if you're on trial for murder and there's all these like there's ballistics evidence it wasn't tested there's witnesses who weren't cross examined and there's a coroner saying that the the way the bullet went in doesn't match the guy who was arrested for it at the very least you would bring that up and none of this was brought up so you know he had no real defense so that's the issue i have with the trial is because what that does is it means people don't believe the verdict and that opens the way for all these conspiracy theories to to fester and we don't feel satisfied so i thought that was interesting you know to see i also i was interested in you know his brother his family kind of there was you know he was an arab who's a jordanian citizen so there's a little bit of that happening you know he's described as a swarthy sale int and that kind of thing so you know it's it's we're still talking about the same kinds of issues like in that sirhan trial as we are talking about today so i just thought it was interesting i do not believe that there's evidence of a second gunman so i just want to make that clear so yeah brings me back to paul schrader.

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