Terrell Owens declines invitation to Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony


And t verizon wireless we've talked about the phillies we talked about the sixers let's talk about football and the pro football hall of fame and one of the greats especially in a short time served in an eagles uniform is one terrel owens terrones has been elected into the two thousand eighteen hall of fame class along with the likes of ray lewis and randy moss brian urlacher brian dawkins in the eighteen classes it's an exciting time to be associated with the eagles and you thought okay tvos got some some good company this hall of fame ceremony with the induction speeches should be pretty exciting but teo lets us know this week he's not showing up for that and a lot of people have been just why would he not do that that's so disrespectful to the hall of fame but let's look at to's case specifically it took them three years to get into the hall of fame now i did take him three years to get in the hall of fame he was arguably more deserving than some of the guys that went in and then you have guys like gary myers who was a columnist for the new york daily news saying that his off the field antics subtracted from his production as a player and he was a cancer of sorts to his teammates and that's why he didn't vote him in and he didn't deserve to go in but then gary myers in year three does vote him in and teo decides he's not showing up and gary myers goes on to say this quote terrel owens informed pro football hall of fame he's not he's not attending the induction ceremony unprecedented this is in.

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