Bellevue’s Valve pulls school-shooting video game off site after backlash


A man they say exposed himself to women while they were walking in one nita bay juanita beach parks we have a scheduled komo news dot com if you recognize him called police bellevue based gaming company says they won't block new video games unless they're illegal or deliberately designed to be provocative this is the same company that made headlines last month over active shooter a game that simulates school shootings komo's gave cohen has more on this new policy stephanie robin it finds herself in a real life fight with a video game company i think we should be scared as a society what this means the mercer island mother is taking on valve a gaming company in bellevue that hit headline last month over active shooter game they plan to put on their platform steam and lets players simulate school shootings stephanie posted a petition demanding the game be poll to this day it's gathered more than two hundred seventy thousand signatures surprised that so many people signed the game is reprehensible valve removed active shooter saying the games developer is unknown troll but they hit restart on the controversy with a blog post that claims from now on they're not going to stop any games unless they're illegal or quote straight up trolling we shouldn't be choosing for you what content you can or can't buy they wrote if you're a developer we shouldn't be choosing what content you're allowed to create those choices should be yours to make stephanie was disgusted i say free speech only goes so far i can't go into a movie theater and shout fire i feel like those same things should apply to child murder she's now hoping for more regulation though she still considers this common sense if it's not clear to corporations that we should not profit from and glorifies school shootings i don't know what we can expect from our society spokesperson for valve emailed me back to tell me active shooter is not making a comeback saying while the developer behind it was quote we reject active shooter if it had been submitted by any other developer gave cohen komo news more than a dozen show dogs from our area that turned up missing on their way to a show in northern california were found safe yesterday the owner is thankful no hard feelings twenty four seven news the news you want when you want it on komo news i'm michael preston.

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