Hannity's rising role in Trump's world


That is really the deal with sean hannity and fox news hannity's relationship with president trump is even tighter than we thought according to this new reporting from the washington post quoting here trump entity usually speak several times a week the two men review news stories and aspects of hannity show and occasionally debate specifics about whatever the president is considering typing out on twitter the frequency of entities contact with trump means that quoting basically has a desk in the place one presidential adviser said the panel is back with me now sarah ellison is one of the reporters who wrote that washington post story so sir you're suggesting the president is also a producer of hannity's show yes i would say that the funny thing about that relationship is that it goes both ways so donald trump is actually helping produce what sean hannity in the message that he's delivering and the funny thing about it though is that sean hannity is also helping produce the president's messages which i think was one of the things that my colleagues and i thought was the most sort of surprising about this story and fells all you have him on the time one hundred list this week sean hannity a member of the time one hundred you had newt gingrich right about hannity's influence what did y'all find well you know the time one hundred is a measure of influence for good or for ill and i think the supporting case for his place on the list is sarah's reporting on on the desk in the white house that's influenced but nude also points out that he has three hours a day on the radio in an hour a day on television millions of yours hearing his view and also goes on to say he played a major role in getting trump the nomination and and helping him win the general election so i think that sums up the case for his influence pretty well i think it comes to this question donavan of state run media or media run state.

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