Man awarded $18.4 million in lawsuit over canceled HIV test


News time nine eighteen sun and clouds in boston right now seventy four degrees good morning i'm deb lawler top stories now the government plans to open a fourth shelter to house hundreds of young migrant children in south texas the children are sent there after being forcibly separated from their parents at the mexican border as part of the trump administration zero tolerance policy on beacon hill state lawmakers debate a bill tomorrow allowing massachusetts residents to designate their gender as acts instead of male or female on driver's licenses and charlton's board of selectmen approves a proposal to turn an orchard into a largescale cannabis farm in other news now in east boston woman is still traumatized after a man kicked her poppy while she was walking it yesterday wbz tv's mike lacrosse spoke with the pet's owner danika sherline had happened on johnson street next to route one eight in east boston sherline spent her day an event clinic in woburn where the puppy went through several tests the vet told her the dog suffered blunt force trauma to the jaw close ovation make sure that she can opener john eat sherline said the assailant turned and smirked at her after kicking the dog she plans to file a police report a jury awards eighteen million dollars in damages to a man who says dr failed to test them for hiv which allowed the virus to progress to aids sean stent afford consented to an hiv test in two thousand seven because he was experiencing facial paralysis but his medical malpractice lawsuit claims one of the doctors cancelled the test because he felt there was no risk for hiv center for dhs lawyer says his client should have been tested because he is gay and was exposed to bodily fluids while working as a paramedic another flare up in the tense border battle between israel and the hamas ruled gaza strip cbs's robert berger reports from jerusalem palestinian militants fired forty five rockets and mortars at southern israel prompting israeli air strikes on twenty five hamas targets in gaza violence has flared on the gaza border for nearly three months and it could escalate further palestinians have been flying burning kites across the border causing massive damage to his rayleigh crops and forests and israel is bowing to retaliate liait robert berger cbs news jerusalem giant operation against illegal wildlife trade results millions of dollars worth of seizures and the identification of over fourteen hundred suspects around the world the seizures included forty tons of wild meat and over a ton of elephant ivory the month long operation involved ninety three countries wbz news time nine twenty one and with today's entertainment report here's kiss one awaits billy kosta a michael jackson musical is headed to broadway the musical inspired by michael's life expected to debut they say in twenty twenty paul mccartney releasing solo music for the first time in four years two new songs dropping today in fact the funeral for kate spade is scheduled for tomorrow in her hometown of kansas city and the actress fran drescher says a reboot of her sitcom the nanny is now in the works with the detainment report i'm billy cost to the mattie show on.

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