Wwl, Slidell and Drago discussed on The Second Guess with Bobby Herbert and Mike Detillier


Really unplanned this rocky theme today with either tiger rocky beating drago so therefore unless you beat alabama now got mr t on the line we have a rocky theme tiger you said mr t you said that pity the fool that doesn't pick the saints to win the nfc south yeah look here's the thing though i mean that the nfc south is such a brutal division they don't have to win the nfc south in order to me yes you do to get to you know to get home field advantage etc but there could be three teams again coming out of that that division and the playoffs oh you're absolutely right i believe that so to say i mean to say look i think if you picked atlanta you got a good chance of being right he picked the saints carolina's same thing i mean that's a tough call now being a new orleans saints fan you're going to pick the song of course a small market nobody's really talking about looking at us looking over us tell us talking about atlanta and matty and i'm jay he's going to be like manny manny slice this year a matter spice which one is it slice of spice which when you go with girls the spice girls despite so now now we're in detroit falcons fan zone little trash oh

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