Franklin Graham, Laura Bush and Ted Cruz discussed on Scott Stiegler


Banter by democrats and many republicans do i need to point that out this is just not just as a strictly republican versus democrat type of thing there's a bunch of republicans are saying we got to put it into this to now i think it's all of this in in my estimation is politically driven republicans don't want to be known as the party that's separating kids from families they got an election to win in november two i do believe that the hyperbole on the left is just over off the charts but they're doing such a good job of it that i think there's republicans out there that are going to go whoa we gotta have stopped this so you got laura bush and franklin graham and now today ted cruz came out and said you know we got to do something about this he actually introduced a piece of legislation to stop the the separation kids from their parents but then he pointed out what i mentioned yesterday this is what happens if you just release the kids with their parents you keep the parents.

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