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Trump with his ten is the who's gonna politically speaking just put on your i know you're not usually you don't talk like a republican or democrat strategist but if you were to say political strategy someone's gotta give here either the president has to get a few democrats to say this issue i want to work with the president or the republican side has to give in a little bit and say oh this looks bad the imagery has overtaken us who do you think's gonna give us i would think that if past is prologue the republicans will give in i don't think they should give in i think they should push cruises legislation because if the democrats blocked that that will show that they're not really serious about this and my one piece of advice i'm not as you point out i'm not a political strategist but my piece of advice that i would give the republicans is the media class and the democrats all a lot more hysterical about this then the country is and the reason i say that is i prosecuted an awful lot of people over the years whose families including small children would sit in the first row behind them for the whole trial and everybody felt terrible about it the the jury felt terrible about it i never had a single case where someone who shouldn't have been convicted wasn't convicted because their hearts were broken over the children everybody has a human side and everybody felt badly about it but you can't you have to enforce the law that is very interesting andy mccarthy thanks for joining us like i said next time you have have you on the show i'm assuming they'll be a ten or twenty more peter struck emails or texts that have leaked out that we can talk about great to have you join us thanks so much like that's andy mccarthy fox news contributor also fellow at national review institute okay let's go to your calls guys eight three eight five two four eight six six you heard andy mccarthy's view on this put on your political strategist at because you guys are just as good as the people who get paid to do this believe me they're not worth their paychecks is who's going to give in on this and if the president's going to give in and should he or should he hold fast daniel in in dc welcome to the show two points one you know president trump says the democrat law and he he defeated stop it with that because you know realistically mad repulsive actual absolutely right well you have all republicans had power and every party right now the house and senate end and the white house there could easily be awhile right now for immigration reform but the republicans don't want it and secondly if i would no before you go into the second isn't that not really true because you know how this legislation works it's just like saying that eagerly rally up all the republicans together to to end it right now try that with repeal you need you need sixty votes in in the senate right that that's the case then the republicans in our up to and they admitted that they don't want it'd be changed they want they want them to all be deported or it's either all or nothing for them i don't know i don't know the actual data because i haven't really i'll give you five i'll give you one in twenty six lower it to five for the purpose of arguments that still thousands of criminals in coming in the country that we allow to not show up for hearing even president obama he did the ankle bracelets.

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