House to vote on two immigration bills


Was a huge concession without getting anything in return no immigration deal last night for divided republicans that are trying to stave off a civil war over the issue as midterm elections loom in the fall cbs news correspondent alison keys reports house majority leader kevin mccarthy came out of a meeting with top centrist and conservative lawmakers saying the sides are close to a deal some moderates are trying to get colleagues to sign a petition that would lead to boats on four immigration bills later this month but party leaders want to vote on a conservative leaning measure the factions differ on whether to give socalled dreamers of path to citizenship and what kind of border security measures to include in the legislation alison keys cbs news washington wwe news time to thirty three the family of the fourteen year old boy who was killed in a hit and run in wixom this week speaking to wwe following the arrest of a suspect in the lansing area hit a son through his body about a thousand feet scepter patty lee are warner lee is the mother of justin lee he was hit and killed while riding his bike along potter row between wixom and beck late monday afternoon a suspect identified as twenty one year old miguel certa was arrested yesterday afternoon in lansing having been on the run for nearly twenty four hours witnesses say that he was speeding trying to pass another vehicle at the time that he hit lee had i just can't believe he's gone he was such a beautiful handsome funny loving friendly affectionate person in this community is just incredible they've reached out to me justin lee was a student at walled lake western high school rally in his memory plan for this evening with visitation services set for the weekend at the lynch funeral home in walled lake woman now in the hospital in serious condition after being rejected from her car along i seventy five in oakland county newsradio nine fifty lauren barthel reports auburn hills police say the twenty.

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