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Mm-hmm. Welcome to drugs and stuff. A podcast from the drug policy alliance and now your host, Tommy McDonald and Derek Rosenfeld. Hey, everybody welcome into another episode of drugs and stuff. This is the place where smart people talk about drugs. We have a very special guest on the on the line with us. And if you've been following drug policy reform over the last couple of years, you've probably heard us talk about this case before. Let me introduce who's joining us on the show. Today is always, I am here with my tag team partner, Derek Rosenfeld, Derek, how you doing today, everyone. Things are pretty good. I'm really excited to be sitting here with with Tommy with our co worker, Tony Papa, and Bernard who we're going to introduce just second. All right. Well, thanks for letting the cat out of the bag. Derek. We hadn't quite announced a surprise yet, but we are pleased to be joined by Bernard noble who is going to tell us a little bit about what happened to him. In one of the most egregious cases of, you know, harsh drug law sentencing were also lucky to be joined by. DP colleague, Tony, Papa, Tony. Papa is an incredible incredible human being and is, is is a role model for folks who you know need and deserve. Second chances, Tony Papa is the author of fifteen to life, which chronicles his journey as a first time, non violent drug offender who was sentenced to fifteen to life under the Rockefeller drug laws. Tony story is one, you know, perseverance and success, and we're really pleased to have Tony join us on the show today to talk with Bernard noble and we're gonna talk a little bit about, you know how Tony connected with Bernard noble, but let me give you just a little bit of background. If you don't know much about Bernard story, Bernard noble spent seven years behind bars for the possession of two joints. You heard me right, seven years for two joins. Now he was sentenced to thirteen years and Benard case is. As an example of drug war excess Runamuck. But NAR is now free and we are happy and lucky enough to be joined by him on today's episode of drugs and stuff, but Dard welcome to the show. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you today, sir. Thank thank you very much. That was a that was amazing. Niche introduction feeling real blessed than like you say before Tony was a was amazing guy for me was a real big inspiration, and I'm just happy to be home and and help out with ever wacky. I'm so happy you you, you are home. I got, you know, Bernard pretty good advocate if him on his behalf, trying to get him out of prison. It's just an unbelievable case. Where Bernard resentenced through through teen years in prison for possessing two joints, but not. Can you tell us your story? Can you tell us what happened? Yes. Well, originally was living at Kansas City of the Hurricane Katrina, a relocate room. I got that my feet grounded in Kansas City. My start a little small moms and pops restaurant. Everything was going fine. I decided to come back to New Orleans to get some meat, what we call down here hot size, and it's amazing sandwich that's fixed on French bread cheese made later. So everybody in Kansas City didn't understand what it was. So I told him of clothes shop for a little while and I'll be back in about seventy days. But unfortunately it a turn into years. So a bomb getting to New Orleans. I a stop by my dad's shot one evening to have TV monitors put in my head risk for my kids. It was two guys that worked for him in. My dad was having his fit about, whereas work would. And I told him it went to the grocery store. I jumped on bicycle, get these cats and on our way back approach in my my, my dad's place a business about ten calls cops long conham. It was a typical day, you know, our neighborhood here, low income areas, you know, like repaved in stuff like that. So we wasn't doing violate. We were just walking before we got to the call. Broaching my day shot. It pulled up almost ran over overs. One of the cats had a five dollar bag or week. So he and he threw it cop, slammed his on a call while back about ten feet and

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