Woman says Samsung phone caught fire while she drove, destroying her car


News time four thirty four high school valedictorian raised some eyebrows this weekend with her speech that went off script correspondent marci gonzales tells us what's getting more attention is that lula belle seats is mike was cut off she was about to talk about her claim of being sexually assaulted by fellow students and the school handling of other cases when the microphone was cut and if nobody knows nothing can change so that make all it was just to speak up for this issue classmates chanting to let her speak the school district telling us due to student privacy issues we cannot and should not respond with specific information that says she was worn beforehand not to mention the alleged assault in her speech wins news time four thirty five the first female air force fighter pilot to fly in combat is really hoping to see some women pilots taking the highway to the danger zone and the new top gun movie that pilot is now serving arizona in congress and tmz asked us representative martha mcsally about the new movies you had lots of say we got a lot of women that are flying and all sorts of airplanes are down all the services and i look i go into classrooms all the time with kids and i bring my flying gear and some you know i sometimes the boys get all excited to hear fighter pilots coming and then they realize girl shows up and you can see the wheels turning and then the girls go like so you know i can do this we'll find out a little more than a year from now when the top gun maverick movie hits the big screen all we know is that tom cruise and val kilmer are in it wins news time four thirty six a michigan woman says her phone blew up and set her car on fire she was not hurt but her nissan maxima was burned to a crisp the woman did not reveal her name but in an interview with the detroit tv station explained that one of her to samsung galaxy phones sitting in the cup holder suddenly sparked and caught fire luckily she says she got out and was not on a highway now she's considering suing samsung says in a statement that it is investigating the incident.

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