NYC man dies trying to drive himself to hospital after getting shot


The king county probation worker strike has ended the daily herald reports the county and the workers union have agreed to a three year contract the provides raises of two percent two point two five percent than two and a half percent over the next three years the striking workers of local teamsters local three thirty included counselors at the king county juvenile justice center the strike lasted for more than a month chicago police say a man was shot on a c t a red line train yesterday afternoon at the garfield station wbz steve miller reports police say it all started with a fight a physical fight between two people and a twenty three year old man got shot on the train a known gang member according to authorities police say he was shot in the shoulder and in the chest and was stable when he was taken to the hospital cta writer j pain says the shooting in broad daylight is a testament to the level of violence that's the norm in chicago to have shot with all the security equipment year on the to have from one to commit the crime gravy that's astounding police say the offender is still out there at garfield and the red line steve miller newsradio on one zero five point nine fm a sevenyearold girl was among three people found dead in darien apartment over the weekend wb b m's nancy hardy has more the debates county coroner identified the little girl as olivia ash show she lived in darien as did thirtythreeyearold at work f on seo show the third victim was son connie ash show a forty two year old man from chicago the coroner says all three were fatally shot police and prosecutors have only said the three or from the same family and very little else about their investigation the trivia insights a friend is saying had two other children and went to school.

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