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The cleveland cavaliers one zero seven to ninety four the celtics lead the cavaliers now to do nothing in the conference finals safeco field right now bottom of the seventh it's tied mariners texas rangers six to six at the sports desk tom glasgow talking nfl berg steelers minority owner david tepper expected to sign the deal the by the panthers and keep the team in north carolina espn nfl insider chris mortensen says the panthers will keep their head coach and general manager for the panthers no change in the football stuff here with the robbery veras football coach going to last for the last five years general manager marty hernia is expected to remain in place we'll see what happens to the rest of the in terms of the carolina panthers remained the carolina panthers espn's chris mortensen washington redskins head coach jay gruden talking about defensive back the angelo hall announcing his retirement after fourteen seasons in the nfl fail he's always a great leader for us very productive player throughout his career but really what i appreciate the molson seat brought his leadership skills and expertise van brought it to the younger guys really helped jazz a not just defensive back but everybody a younger than him girl up on our program that a good golfer admiration for jay gruden sounds a lot like his brother john the new head coach of the raiders more sports in thirty minutes right here on your home of the huskies komo news time tom glasgow there are times when are you at home but you kinda wish you weren't and you should really stick around the house because of reasons baseball in the house that's why buffalo wild wings has an online ordering experience so when your kid brings home a stray dog that's actually a coyote a.

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