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So like even even in my times of the most stress and pressure i'll take ten minutes and go sit in a bathroom and be quiet and eat my lunch like the hero i and yeah and then you know you go back out and it's great and it's sort of like down right along with all myself doubt flush it all down the toilet sad thinking of you sitting in high school in the bathroom meeting bad bad chair in there that was covered in fabric and god only knows what the people did in there i can't even i've moved on i have to let it go it's too upsetting to even think about in the kulaks eating the sandwich it's just it's not good but it's it is interesting to think about that image and go okay the life people thought you had and and you're so lucky and and that other thing like i'm so lucky i can't complain about but i think i got really good at in my early twenties letting myself have complaints finally because i think that was something i didn't really feel okay about for a long time leased people for so long probably because as a kid you're like oh if i make that director happy doing a job at that point it's not about how good when actor you are comparing exit right true yes i think that that was a big thing for me to also therapy like starting therapy for me it was so helpful i loved it so much because it's completely nonjudgmental there.

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