North Korea frees three American prisoners


White house the president also pausing to remember otto warmbier the american student who was released from a hard labor camp in north korea last year and died days later when he returned to the us michelle franzen abc news and now with more on the inner workings of the release of those three americans correspondent don kirk has that from seoul south korea korean central news agency says leader kim jong un accepted and officials suggestion of president trump for releasing the three us citizens imprisoned there on charges ranging from espionage to hostile acts the three were all granted amnesty before returning to the us with secretary of state mike bombayo the upcoming summit with president trump and kim jong un in singapore is now reportedly set to take place in june the state commission on lgbtq youth is out with this annual list of recommendations wbz's carl stevens tells us about it from the state house the chair of this commission established back in nineteen ninetytwo is alexander nellie he tells me this year's focuses on preventing homelessness addressing criminal justice issues and focusing on the health of youth in the lgbtq community these are the three key areas that our work has to be framed in an order to make the commonwealth a better place for all of us to thrive in he says massachusetts is one of the best states in the country for these kids to live but there are still too many instances of discrimination against these young people and too many of them are living on the margins of society from the state house carl stevens wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time eleven thirty three that means it's time for traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic.

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