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In chicago president trump says the gop had a great night after west virginia republicans rejected exconvict don blankenship in that state senate primary west virginia attorney general patrick morrisey won tuesday's marquee race and will now face democratic senator joe manchin in the general election in indiana republicans chose wealthy businessman mike bron over two sitting congressmen to lead the party's charge against democratic senator joe donnelly in the fall after a house primary election in indiana another pence could be heading to washington as correspondent joe johns tells us of the vice president of the united states greg pants wins the race they're very handily of course he is expected to be the favourite this november voters in ohio and north carolina also picked candidates yesterday moralises after eating romaine lettuce negro near yuma arizona the e coli outbreak has sickened twenty eight more people in four more states the total is now one hundred forty nine victims in two thousand nine states including illinois wisconsin and michigan one person has died the centers for disease control tells usa today this is.

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