Robert Downey Jr.'s original Iron Man suit has been stolen


Homeward bound dime jackie quinn with abc news minute the three american detainees freed by north korea are expressing their deep appreciation to the us government for securing their release president trump is thanking north korea's leader it will be i think a very special time nobody thought this was going to happen he also discussed the planning for their upcoming meeting we're just working arrangements but not police are charging a mississippi man with murder because they say his actions shooting at officers during a traffic stop in jackson caused a policeman to fire back striking and killing chauncey reads brother federal prosecutors in california and florida suing to companies that provide stem cell treatments trying to stop them from claiming the procedures can cure cancer and heart disease without proof of safety or effectiveness i'm jacky quin police are looking for a superhero someone took an expensive iron man suit from los angeles movie props storage facility a police report filed about the theft says the suits estimated value is three hundred twenty five thousand dollars the suit apparently went missing from the facility between february and april twenty fifth kcbs tv first reported the investigation and says the crimson and gold costume was used in the two thousand eight iron man film which starred robert downey junior the number of women giving commencement speeches is up and as a piece oscar wells gabriel reports the metoo movement is a factor in that companies hire to land celebrity speakers for major colleges say that they have been flooded with requests for female speakers this graduation season so much so they say they are having trouble keeping up the schools are not specifically saying that this is because of the sexual misconduct scandal that has been rocking the nation but they note that students do help make the final selections and with me to going strong student groups are more likely to lean toward female speakers to impress alumni and helped recruit future students i'm oscar wells gabriel the decision to pull out of the nuclear agreement with iran is being called a.

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