Delta plane from Detroit evacuated at Denver after smoke fills cabin


Committee chairman of north carolina alana republican senator richard burr addresses critics who point to hassles role in enhanced interrogation after nine eleven those who have issues with programs or operations conducted years ago should address those concerns in their questions to former presidents former directors and former attorney general's this hearing is about how you'll league the central intelligence agency into the future not how you faithfully execute admissions in the past delta flight eighteen fifty four from detroit to denver filled up with smoke the plane was coming in for landing everyone kind of looked around the flight attendants said there smoke the cabin filled with smoke and had a really talks a chemical smell all the passengers got off the plane on the exit slides before the plane got to the gate delta says some of them may have suffered smoke inhalation one person was hospitalized according to the denver post the search resumes for the remains of several missing detroit area girls one of those girls kimberly king missing from warren in nineteen seventy nine she was at a sleepover with her friend left the house and never returned police think kimberly and other girls were killed by arthur ream a convicted rapist and murderer reim killed cindy's zaki of east point in nineteen eightysix reimb led police to the location of a remains ten years later here's a clip of rim telling police where they could find the body during his confession to police actually like hopped the back fence and didn't go home and then i just went in my house so the next morning i was expecting her to be back at my house that's the best friend of kimberly king the admission from rim said go up north avenue and it's right there and he pointed to a map and that's worth authorities are searching now in mccomb tom gibb searchers have set up a grid on part of the wooded property wjr news time ten oh three here's steve courtney sports good morning once again my friends tigers beat.

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