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One hour and twenty minutes away that inflation print here in the united states for america the estimates shaping up as follows year on year the estimate two point five percent at tick from the previous month the two point four look for core backout food backout energy core cpi year on year the median estimate two point two percent the previous number two point one percent not inflation data coming out a little bit lighter head of that i have to say some significant dollar weakness against most of g ten with the exception of sterling k we we are seeing a much weaker dollar against a strong europe you're a dollar up by about a quarter of one percent you're listening to bloomberg surveillance this is bloomberg now the news the new york city here's michael barr dom jonathan thank you very much president trump personally greeted the three american detainees returning from north korea trump the vice president and their wives welcome them home at joint base andrews overnight the president tweeted this morning on behalf of the american people welcome home syrian president bashar assad has accused us president donald trump of saying one thing one day and the opposite the next saying i don't think in the meantime we're going to achieve anything with such an administration assad spoken an interview with a greek newspaper pull bunch today before israel carried out an air strike in syria in response to what it said was a crossborder rocket attack by iranian forces global news twenty four hours a day on aaron at toco on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm michael barr this is bloomberg com michael barr thank you so much futures flat with yields in today curve flattening substantial kerr flattening down to forty four point seven seven basis points to look at the chart here in a moment brent crude seventy seven thirty three this is bloomberg.

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