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Researcher amanda d hanford at pennsylvania state university has created a device that can route sound waves around an object make it invisible to techniques like sonar and for dinner team created a meta material who's unit cell is smaller than the acoustic wave lengths used to try to detect it the meta material could deflect sound waves underwater which is more difficult the us fcc said it's repeal of the open internet guidelines of twenty fifteen will officially go into effect june eleventh order was published in the federal register on february twentysecond but did not go into effect until the office of management and budget completed its paperwork reduction act review the us senate is set to vote as early as next week on whether to reject the fcc repeal of the net neutrality rules ohio governor john case issued an executive order permitting self driving car tests on public roads in that state ohio jones arizona california and michigan in allowing the tests the test will require a human operator and registration with dr ohio finally korea fair trade commission chief kim song joe told reporters that samsung's current ownership structure is not sustainable samsung group uses circular shareholding to interlock samsung santee samsun the life insurance and samsung electronics kim urged vice chairman j y lee to make a decision concerning the ownership structure for more discussion of the news of the day subscribed to daily tech news show dot com and don't forget daily tech headlines is only supported by you if you can spare a dollar we'd love to have it the patriot dot com slash dt ns talk next time.

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