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Iowa man says dog shot him in leg while playing on the couch


Kabc news live and local five thirty one i'm john wolf president trump's holding a rally for republicans in indiana tonight speaking in elkhart the president unveiled his new slogan for the twenty twenty presidential election by the way this is the first indiana our new slogan twenty twenty it is he america grain a burglary suspect who was then in a police chase ditch the vehicle ran into a santa ana albertson's and appeared to escape quote we think he changed his appearance in the store and unfortunately got away possibly with other shoppers being evacuated carry braun of the orange county sheriff's department said in dr drew's been warning this horrific diseases may return in a big way this summer will a ucla led group of researchers may have found a vaccine against anthrax the plague in tulu arabia three potent of pathogens likely to be used in a bioterror attack the university announced today if found to be safe and effective in humans the vaccines could protect people from all three and journalism students are taught that dog bites man doesn't make news but in this story from fort dodge iowa dog shoots man correspondent jan johnson explains fifty one year old richard remmy says his dog blue didn't mean to shoot him but he totally some horseplay got out of hand while wrestling around on the couch remmy says he tossed balu onto the floor blue bounded right back up and onto brumbies torso somehow disabling the safety and stomping on the trigger of a gun tucked into remi's belly band the gun fired remmy was wounded in the leg and spent a few hours at the hospital later telling the messenger newspaper that balu is a big wuss who lay down beside him and cried because he thought he'd.

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