Prosecutors expect to charge more people in N.Y. sex traffic case

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In freehold wins news time one forty three today's court hearing in a sex cult case involving smallville actress allison mack prosecutors said more arrests are expected the assistant us attorney told the judge that the government plans to file a new indictment naming more defendants but he didn't get into specifics both mac and alleged co leader keith rene are charged with sex trafficking for allegedly coercing women who joined the organization into becoming sex slaves he's being held without bail she is free on bail but with restrictions miami police officer has been suspended after being caught on video during a violent arrest here's correspondent victory candidate officer seen ruining and kicking the suspect right in the head the woman who recorded the incident her cell phone wants to remain anonymous do our buddy you trim when you see the video when he came and kick them you can see the dement face it turns and then you also see stuff coming out coming out of his she says she shocked by the officers actions miami's police chief called the incident a clear violation of policy wins news time one four mom has her own special place in your heart and mother's day is the perfect time to find the.

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