Trial set for 'Smallville' star Allison Mack in sex-cult case

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Guy two hours later giuliani issuing a clarification repeating there were no campaign finance laws broken then said he was only talking about the timing of repaying michael cohen the new statements not explaining why trump's lawyer was repaid when the lawyer said it didn't happen andy field abc news washington a suspect in custody now a random new jersey highway shooting that's left a young woman dead the monmouth county prosecutor's office says police arrested the man today just hours after a twenty four year old woman was shot and killed as she drove on route thirty three and freehold officials say there's been two other random shootings in monmouth county in recent weeks including one and asbury park with the can't be sure they're connected after an actress appeared in court today thorny say they're expecting more rests in the upstate new york alleged sex called called nexium prosecutors told the judge that the government plans to file a new indictment against moore defendants but didn't go into specifics smallville actress allison mack along with alleged sex cult leader keith appeared in a brooklyn federal court for a hearing on sex trafficking charges both have denied wrongdoing in the case she's been on house arrest at her parents home in california and word is mac and her attorneys are working on a plea deal to avoid a trial i'm lisa g for seven ten w o r word this afternoon that a graduate student has been found dead on the rutgers new brunswick campus record saying only that the cause of death is being investigated and that foul play is not suspected governor murphy trying to get new jersey residents around part of the new federal tax law which caps deduction when it comes to the new federal law capping state and local tax deductions at ten thousand dollars we know that president trump for the republican leadership in congress targeted states like new jersey when they wrote this fall so governor murphy signed a bill allowing local governments to form charitable funds folks can end donate and get a credit off their property taxes and ultimately deduct that donation but it remains to be seen if the irs will it governor murphy argues thirty three other states have previously set up similar funds that are tax deductible this is not in any way special treatment for new jersey i'm scott pringle for seven ten double the or and the news brought to you by the salvation army donate your used vehicle today call eight hundred.

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