Fed, Banking Analyst and Deutsche Bank discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Hundred journalists and anisimov one hundred twenty countries i'm sandra kilhof this is bloomberg matt turner thanks very much for that now deutchebanks us unit was the only one of eighteen banks to fail the second round of the fed's stress tests the results of forced six us banks to scale back proposals for doling out more cash to shareholders but they passed after doing so deutsche bank did not let's spring in bloomberg intelligence senior banking analyst jonathan thais who joins us now jonathan how big of a deal is this for deutsche bank i mean clearly it's been doing poorly in so many different ways joe morning militias in the surprise on this was well flight i think i'm wendy bear in mind that the and the very latest reincarnation of this of never ending strategy focuses on the shrinking rates in the us completely the business again and you bear in mind that the qualitative assessment was kind of how'd you plan for capital have effectively your management arafat your internal.

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