Terence Crawford and Jeff Horn go after the welterweight title


This is the stephen a smith show podcast i'm steven guess who's back welcome to the latest addition to the stephen smith show coming at you love to do every weekday over the airwaves of espn radio two hundred and fifty plus markets across the united states of america plus espn radio on sirius xm channel eighty number to call of all triple eight say espn it's eight seven to nine three seven seven six i am coming at you la live from cleveland ohio site a game three the nba final scheduled to take place at quicken loans arena aka the q tomorrow night wednesday night looking forward to that game cavaliers championship aspirations on the line if they lose no team in nba history has overcome a three zero deficit to win nba finals and i promise you this won't be the first they lose tomorrow night it's rap we all know that that's something that will definitely get into our number two one of the greatest fighters in the world pound for pound got a will to way championship fight this saturday night in vegas you can catch it on the espn app the great terence crawford goes up against joe horn man the defeated manny paki out last summer for the welterweight crown remember terms coffers moving from junior welterweight too well to wait for this fight so to be real interested in talk to him about what his expectations are obstacle in many occasions but this is the first time i'll be actually interviewing him i'm looking forward on on radio that is i'm looking forward to that conversation but before we do anything we know where we have to go today because we know what the news is today in case any of you did not know you've been living under rock you know realize what transpired.

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