Virginia, Richmond and Yellowstone National Park discussed on Arizona's Morning News


The program to dip into its nearly three trillion dollar trust fund to cover benefits that's three years sooner than expected just a year ago the new report finds that the trust fund will be depleted in two thousand thirty four and social security will no longer be able to pay its full schedule benefits unless congress takes action to shore up the programs finances it was apparently a soldier who stolen armored personnel carrier from a national guard base in virginia and took the vehicle on a two hour drive that ended at a police chase through downtown richmond yesterday once in richmond several police squads followed the armored personnel carrier until they were able to arrest the unidentified soldier no injuries or crashes were reported for the second time in three days in elk has attack someone in yellowstone national park the national park service as a female elk with a calf attacked a fiftythreeyearold woman from texas behind the mammoth hot springs hotel l yellowstone officials say the surprise the woman as she walked between cabins to backed away but l kicked her in the head and body elk aggressively defend their young we like repeats until we don't like them anymore seems viewer fatigue is seeping into the nba finals between the warriors and cavaliers have hooked up for the fourth straight year nielsen reports viewership so far down from last year but divers two games were still the nation's most watched programs this week i understand that i think to we'd prefer close ones like i think there's a sense that the warriors are just much better.

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