A hero. Tyler Hero basketball.


First off, you know. About such a hard transition to go from station about that tried to get you here. I tried to get you here. Man. Damn! No, I know. I know. I know. I know, Brother. I know it's You know, I've seen all these guys use their platform last night to continue to advance the conversation. It's releasing Tyler hero. I'll tell you this. You know, I I've known him for a pretty long time key covering basketball and in that world. He's always had this swag and I no longer call him Tyler hero. You know his nickname when he was at Kentucky Wass I'm a bucket. I'm a bucket. I am a B U C k E T. It's a hash tag, and that's his name. I'm no longer calling him a hero. Tyler Hero hero basketball. I'm a bucket like that's the kind of swag this kid has had from day one. From Day one since he came to Kentucky and watching him this Siri's isn't funny like Jimmy Butler's kind of done his thing here and there, But there's games he takes like six or seven shots in like Okay, Jimmy, Like what's going on? Bam Out of Bayou. You know, he's a versatility, pieces. A Swiss army knife. He can do his thing. Okay, Bam! I know what you're good at. But Tyler hero Okay, I'm a bucket has always been that guy in the game slowed down for him last night. It slowed down for I am a bucket and he was the best player on the floor. What does that say? With a team that has jail and brown, Jason Tatum Kemba Walker. I am a bucket is a guy And he's the reason why the Miami Heat will be facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. Note that a rookie Is the reason why the heat will be facing his team in the finals. More smart man you are Jamie actually about Jason Tatum only six shots in the first half of that game. Obviously he did better in the second half. Why only six shots? If you're the leader that we look too on the team? I don't know. You know, I was watching him play last night, and it was weird. I don't know if he was moving gingerly on that right leg. It didn't seem like he was attacking all your Brad Stevens talking about Leading into this game was how they didn't need to settle for jumpers right. He needed to attack the paint, attack the paint, and he didn't really do that. In the first half second half, he woke up 28 points. It was like he was a completely different player. But the interesting thing about this Boston Celtics team is that it just it feels like they're missing something. I don't know if it's the leadership aspect of it. Jason Tatum can who we all know. Weaken who? Jalen Brown is the guy that made shots sounded stretch. They kept the game close. Kimble Walker is kind of the leader, but you feel like Who's the guy that just gets him together all the time, Right? I know that guys with Miami heat. That's Jimmy Butler regards of how he plays. But who was the guy with the Boston Celtics and You know, I'm watching a kid like like like I'm a bucket last night

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