Top intelligence office informs congressional committees it'll no longer brief in-person on election security


Trump's intelligence chief on Sunday defended his decision to cease in person congressional briefings on election security. While Democrats said, the move would suppress critical information about foreign election meddling and warned they may subpoena testimony. John Ratcliffe the president's new director of National Intelligence, and to close trump ally accused US lawmakers of leaking classified information from July thirty first briefing to promote what he called false narratives that somehow Russia is a greater national security threat than China. Ratcliffe is a former lawmaker who ended trump during the congressional probes into Russian efforts to influence the two thousand sixteen election. Democratic lawmakers accused Ratcliffe of trying to block them from questioning intelligence officials in a bid to conceal information on how Russia has been interfering in the twenty twenty presidential election to help trump as it did in two thousand sixteen, the intelligence community has warned that Russia is trying to denigrate trump's twenty twenty democratic opponents, Joe Biden, and the Iran and China also trying to so disinformation Democratic senator. Amy Klobuchar. A former presidential candidate said Ratcliffe cliffs decision was an outrage at a time when multiple foreign governments trying to break into the November election and that it was crazy that the house may be forced to subpoena him. Trump has recently admitted that China doesn't want him to win. The election is refused to criticise. Russia. For multiple crimes that have been accused of against the United. States.

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