How This Massive YouTuber Got Banned For Life


Get back to. This leafy situation. So if you don't know who he is, Calvin Leafy is here Aka leafy Lee Vail can only be described as well. A drama Youtuber he started uploading in twenty thirteen and got popular around twenty fifteen for making videos about other content creators, their lives, their personalities, their various beliefs, and what he saw as wrong with them you really never know with youtubers one day they could be completely fine next fucking. Oil issues that youtubers can't cancer just sitting here like, yeah, I am cancer but the best fucking cancer on this website maybe he's most notorious video from that era is a now deleted video making fun of another smaller content creator who has a learning disability. It's safe to say that after that he established himself as a bill in pretty quickly that said, he did have a falling Levi's fans saws, videos just harmless jokes and before he got. Banned. He had almost five million subscribers on youtube around two thousand, seventeen leafy took a pretty long break from youtube and it wasn't until recently that he got back to making the videos, he was known for videos about other very dramatic content creators like h h three, Keam Star, and I dubs that said the story of his eventual banning started in July when he turned his attention to poke over the course of several videos, leafy criticize polk means. Content, her appearance and even went as far as to say that she was hiding a secret boyfriend from her fans and that's specific topic became so popular after his videos that the Hashtag pokey main boyfriend was trending on twitter and that prompted this joke from pokey main who said in the past that she's not interested in making her love life public on the Internet leafy spokesman videos all went viral and around that time pokemon announced that she'd be. Taking a long break from streaming and content creation in general, and then recently pokey released an apology video discussing topics that range all the way back to twenty eight eighteen. But she did talk about some of Leakey's criticisms directly. Specifically, her relationship status and comments about her appearance if video is to address freezing comments, criticisms that I perceived I know this video is long overdue. I've seen a lot of people talk about the way that I look recently. There's WanNa. PUT It out there. I don't think I'm the prettiest person in the world. But I think that's okay everyone's entitled to an opinion I personally made the decision seven years ago whenever I got into streaming that I don't want my personal life to the part of my content and that's just what I'm GonNa stick by until I and whoever I'm dating whatever time decide otherwise that video was released on August eighteenth and then three days later on August twenty first Levi's entire youtube channel was gone. Now you choose policy when it comes to violating the rules Is very similar to twitches that we talk about all the time on this show it's three strikes, and then you're at each of the first times violated a policy you get one, and then the third time the channel is just deleted. Youtube cited quote multiple severe violations of Youtube policy prohibiting content designed to harass bully or threatened end quote as the reason for Levi's ban according to tweet from slasher. Now, when the story about lease Van I broke, there was some speculation about. Whether or not he was notified. But as I two strikes at all a representative from Youtube told Julia Alexander a report from the verge debt quote, his channel was terminated because it violated the company's harassment policy three times over a period of ninety days. No specific videos were identified, but they did confirm its permanent when I asked specifically about length of Ban and quote on August twenty first after he was banned leafy tweeted a youtube asking how he could get his account reinstated. In response to the news another Youtuber Cabos tweeted that leafy had never been notified about his first two strikes at all and that his account had just been banned out of knowing leafy himself also claimed keep never been given any strikes in a later comment that said back on June fourth leafy actually tweeted that he'd received two strikes on his account for harassment. There have been some people commenting that those strikes were reverted but that hasn't been confirmed by leafy himself or Youtube. On August twenty fourth leafy tweeted this still looking for his account to be reinstated. And when team Youtube responded, he had some choice words as recording this video leafy channel still nowhere to be found on Youtube and he's actually started to stream on twitch. So I, guess he's trading places but dr disrespect. Now with this whole story mind it's worth noting that Youtube has recently made massive changes to its policy requirements for users. Specifically, the way that content creators are supposed to treat other content creators. issue. In, many different ways and I think we have seen many we've seen some high-profile examples that we know have been Alec and that has caused us to take really hurt look at our harassment Halsey as I'm sure many of you know since like the beginning of time, one of the easiest ways to become popular on youtube is to make you videos about other youtubers. This is specifically true about what we would call drama content where creators be for call each other out. An extremely cringe boxing matches. With. That said, this latest situation involving leafy really seems to show that Youtube is taking stuff seriously and trying to figure out what's fair game the what constitutes harassment at this point with this story I? Think we're just GONNA have to wait and see if Lee will ever get back on Youtube if he'll be able to stay on twitch and if this new stricter policy is going to have long term implications for other creators as well.

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