Get Ready to Watch Disney’s Live-Action Mulan from the Comfort of Your Couch


Hello everyone and welcome it is the Gui pre have to recap of all the things that are going to have happened for the week of August thirty first one, twenty four. My name is Bruce and let's start with Gui. Pick the week. There are few choices this week but I'm GonNa go with the boys season two. It's coming out this week on Amazon Prime they're back to expose the truth about the seven I have yet to see the first season I have wanted to but I just haven't had time but I'll probably take somebody's Amazon prime account and just watch it. All right for TV pages on Monday nothing Tuesday. NBC has the premiere of the transplant and a and he has the finale of what it's worth for Wednesday CBS as the finale of tough as nails. Thursday ABC has the finale of to tell the truth you as network has the finale of cannonball and f x x has the finale of cake for Friday nothing. Saturday HBO has premiere of spies in disguise and for Sunday knit none. For DVD's you have blood quantum and rogue and you've never heard of either one of these movies and you'll never hear of again for on Line Services. Net flicks, bookmarks season one, the chef's table barbecue season one I'll fondue Dari classless away season one I'm thinking of ending things season one prime like I said, you have the boys season two and for Disney you have Milan vis is the remake that they WANNA put out in theaters but they couldn't. So they're gonNA charge you an extra thirty bucks to watch it. For Video Games coming out this week you have crusader kings three for the P. C. M. X. versus ATV all out for the switch. Tell me why chapter two for the xbox One and the PC. Door Amman story of success for the PS four Marvel's avengers the PS four xbox one PC NBA Two K. Twenty one for the PS four, xbox which and PC and Tony Hawkes pro skater one and two for the PS four xbox one an PC. Fergie Y news you've got new episodes of gigs under the influence. Smack my paycheck deeply upsetting from the mouth of Manus Geek father and beautiful disasters. For one more thing yesterday Ubisoft announced that it will remove the raised fist imagery from the opening cinematic of its new mobile game com clancy's elite squad following widespread criticism that the game's intro plays right into right wing conspiracy about the black lives matter movement elite squad, which came out for the IOS and android. Last week begins with a narrated video laying out the game's premise with paints protest movements as fronts for organization called Umbra a global terrorist network is trying to take over the world protesters claimed to promote egalitarian utopia for a popular support while. Behind the scenes umbra organizes deadly terrorist attacks to generate even more chaos and we governments, the narrator says at one point and then a series of black fists raised appear on the screen Yeah. That's stupid. This opening leads raise the outright conspiracy about the black lives matter movement protests, and other just movements which to cast them as fronts foreshadow organizations trying to stabilize world government Ubisoft has apologized on twitter but seriously dude, what were they thinking now? Not Fair UBISOFT has donated one hundred thousand dollars to the end of Lacey Pe- in the past. Also. The game developers are from. France I know that's not exactly an excuse. But still in this time of unrest, you need to be a little more careful We have enough people in this country right now that are spreading alt-right conspiracies but Yeah. This may not be the time to have a a story line like this.

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