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From the ambassador, Midwest Floor traffic Center that an accident south bound to 70 approaching Highway 21. A two right lanes are blocked. We've got fire trucks, all kinds of emergency vehicles on the scene and jam that goes not quite but almost back to 44 Now westbound highway 30 is pretty slow approaching Schumacher right now. Quiet, though on the popular Street Bridge. If you're headed into Illinois, we had an earlier accident. Eastbound 70 Approaching 94 watch for a little bit of a delay there and West found traffic on 70 Sloan out from 2 70 out through 1 41. And again out at Lake ST Louis Boulevard. But then things open up and look fine. Right at the 70 split to Thomas with traffic. It's for 23 at 97 1. It's your month. America because this is Ford Truck your month for great deals on legendary four trucks like F 1, 50 Super Duty and Ranger Your month to Dr Ford F Series America's bestselling trucks 43 years straight your month for big time, our off road capability and turning heads around town your month. Well, you get the idea based on 1970 70 2019 year Total sales. Great deal. Tough trucks. Oh, yeah, It's for truck. All right, so I believe that Thomas Helmig seminar is next Tuesday. Possible October 6 already, But yes, sounds right. If you would like to hear straight from Thomas in a big room, socially distanced where you could just sort of be anonymous Face in the crowd and sit there and, you know, Listen, take notes. If you are

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