Your Most Powerful Asset


Over the years, the accelerate your business growth podcast has enjoyed inclusion unlisted the best podcast to listen to for sales business growth of small business entrepreneurship leadership. We've just been really fortunate to just the on a ton of lists, and that's because of the guests. These are folks who have expertise in a particular area of business and they join me for a conversation little. Chat. Where they share that expertise with all of you. That way you can get the information age get connected to these folks and you can do better things in your. Business. Today is no different. My guest today is Chris Yoga. Christmas the founder. CEO of Yoga Company. Chris focuses on helping people in the organizations they belong to pave the road to a more Utopian world. He empowers heroic organizations to build a champion, those styles using their most powerful assets, their web presence. Chris an expert in Web design accessibility. Digital Marketing. Company culture and Social Responsibility. His Gold for HIMSELF THOSE HE AIDS is to be driven by a purpose beyond Prophet Excel much for joining me today Chris. From Yoga. I am thrilled to have you now I would love it. If you would explain to the listeners, why use say that our web presence is our most powerful asset? It's the one. Then you have that's speak can speak to everyone similtaneously knocker taking phone calls. If you're at a meeting a conference, if you're doing sales inbound sales, your, you've always got some limiting. The chemical equation of your success that is install eggs out whereas your web presence is. Similarities available to everybody and is also worldwide so. Used to have local footprint canals international footprint. On it. Okay. So He said in your bio that you are looking to these organizations pave or. Pave. The way toward a more Utopian world which I love that purpose at but understand how my web presence makes the world a better place. So. It starts with thinking about the organization itself. So the folks that we help tend to all into one two buckets, it's people who know and already calculate the type of impact they wanna half, and then there's those organizations aspire to have a positive don't really quite know either what it is or exactly how to accomplish it and It's interesting because let me see what persons can help boost in the latter case with relation that already knows the impact that wants to have. It's a matter of execution the more fun one in the one that might be worth likable. Your listeners is the wonderful renovations that are still trying to figure out exactly what they want that to look like, and that is where I think about the value of the web presents not only as your marketing tool, a communication tool, a chance to interact with clients, but there's also whenever you go through that process of rebranding redesigning a website specifically. There's a window. Right there's a certain amount of almost like vision boarding that happens where. I kind of figured whenever you start to plant that flag as renovation. It's almost like somebody who stopped smoking where they're like, Hey, I stopped smoking and it's like okay well for how long for four hours. But you got. The same thing with with the website whenever you say we are organization that does these things. Maybe that only lasts. You know it's been four hours since you started that put that out there and it starts to become true and the way that we find it tends to really impact organizations with Joseph Campbell's Hero's journey. Now I'm not okay good deal. So just the Campbell, an amazing offer this book called out hero with basis where he breaks down all of these tales from the Odyssey the end all the way up to storm wars wizard of Oz Harry Potter all of the movies stories you likely love follow the Hero's journey, which is that the hero goes through these kind of same twelve steps and it starts with. You know the call to action understanding. There's a need for change not really wanting to address it of being reluctant going through it as a path of self transformation with happens and that sell transformations what enables bureau to go out and. which the beast find the Elixir, whatever the case might be, and then better impact their community or Kasa characters around them, and then ultimately transformed the world, and what we find is when you go through a brand update or web transformation, the right way and with that kind of attention -ality, it serves as that vision board that is essentially like a crucible cell transformation. So you start to change yourself your team sources st like this is how we impact the world. Now I kinda have something uncrowded show Hama data show my spouse. I'm proud to show my the work I do does this kind of impact? So it's not just about the dollars and cents it's about making impacts. And now I'm a little bit more excited to tell that story people that land on our website. Begin to hear that story. It allows us to transform ourselves before we can then transplant relationships we have with our clients ultimately grow hopefully or more clients and a broader community, and then subsequently through the were affects we all have a world create a better world starts I believe with that what presence that I can happen food multitude of levels but I think one of the most important is being able to find that kind of vision and crucible assault transformation were.

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