Mother charged in fatal stabbing of 5-year-old daughter in Chicago


Bail for the East Garfield Park Woman charged with first degree murder In her daughter's stabbing death on Saturday. W BB EMS Nancy Hardy with more Chicago police say they don't know why Simone Austin allegedly attacked her five year old daughter Saturday morning, saying she invoked her right to remain silent. Chief of detectives, Brendan Dina Han, says the 27 year old stab serenity in the throat in front of her eight year old sister. The mother then takes the the child child outside outside and and lies lies the the child child down down on on the the parkway parkway and and lies lies down down next next to to her her until until the the fire fire department department arrives. arrives. And And brings brings a a child child to to the the hospital hospital where where the the child child is is pronounced. pronounced. Police say they've responded to domestic violence calls at the home on West Fulton before, including times when the mother was the victim, Superintendent David Brown says the department will be showing officers resource is for overwhelmed parents and training. Domestic violence. Liaisons for each police district. Nancy Hardy,

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