WHO to probe 'sexual exploitation' by aid workers in DR Congo


Take you back to those allegations. We were talking about earlier in the programme of sexual abuse by eight workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo Investigation by the new humanitarian news agency on the Thompson Reuters Foundation has collected interviews for more than 50 women. Who say they had to have sex to get work with relief agencies that during the recent Ebola outbreak we had earlier from two women who said it was doctors from the W Wait Show World Health Organization who demanded Six from them. That organization has responded, saying it is outraged by the allegations in the report, and we'll investigate. Let's talk to our correspondent in Geneva, which is where the W H O has its headquarters. Emergent folks. So imagine shocking. We heard the testimony of these women earlier. What is Thie is saying Well, so moved very, very quickly to respond to this investigative report and basically had to because you know the issue off sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation among the humanitarian community. We know Was in the headlines and we thought was being very seriously addressed. Years ago. Now we have allegations again. And so the W H o respondents said We are outraged. We will have an immediate investigation threatening immediate dismissal for anyone. Proven to be involved and saying that the betrayal of people in the communities we serve is reprehensible. We do not tolerate such behavior. So they moved quickly. Nevertheless, I think it's obviously in the middle of a pandemic where the W H O is in the headlines all the time. It is absolutely not the kind of news story the W H would like to be dealing with right now.

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