How To Make Sure Your Business Finishes 2020 Strong

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The thing about time is that it keeps on moving and if you don't plan for if you don't move with it, it will leave you behind in just like that were six months into the year. Pass six months actually going on to seven months in. We're well into the third quarter of the year, and it's time to start hitting the gas. We gotta make sure we finish strong. We run through the tape of the Finish Line of twenty twenty, and the happens right now this is. Is when we pick up speed, this is when we make sure we dot. Those is and cross those teas. So how do we do it? How do we make sure that we don't get to October and November and start getting nervous that we won't hit our goals for the year? Well, the first thing is we have to establish what those goals are. We have to really be clear what we want to get done. Will we WANNA accomplish in our business in the next two quarters? It's really five months five months ago, so the way I like to do is I like to do it in quarter, so we're in the middle of quarter. Three two months left maybe a little bit more to wrap of this quarter. What do you want to get done in the next two months? What are your revenue goals? What are Your Business? Your team goals other products. Products you WANNA launched. Is there a change on making your website? Are there hires you WanNa make get crystal clear about them I believe that when it comes to short-term goals like two months you should be able to count them on one hand so three to five things you want to get done. That's a little bit of a stretch, but it's doable now obviously depends on. On the size of the goals, but it's enough for you to stay focused on them. You can actually repeat them off memory. No problem you're going to do the same thing in quarter four, so you have three months there. One of the goals you want to accomplish again quarter for it should be three to five goals. You want accomplish whether that's a revenue goal business goal. Goal a prodigal. Whatever it is, you want to write those down. I always kinda get really conservative in the last quarter. Because the last quarter's quite busy, we got holidays. Things are wrapping up. People go on vacation or winding down things. We want to make sure we leave enough room for us to accomplish what we set out to to have. Goals record three and four. Now what that's not enough. Most people stop right. There got my golden and my goals every so often and hopefully when it hit him right? No we need to do. Is You need to get people involved in those goals who is involved in those goals who are the stakeholders who the people that are going to help you get there who are impacted? These are most likely teamates. These could be co-founders is could be investors. Could be people in Your Mastermind Group or your coaching group? Sit Down and evaluate these goals with them. Discuss them see if we should modify them. Add remove things like that. You want people on board because you need the people that are involved or no, you're trying to achieve all have to be seeing from the same songsheet. It can't be confusing and this is like an announcement. This is like you're putting A. A stake in the ground and saying everybody. This is what we're doing. This is what I like to accomplish. What do you guys think? Let's all agree. Let's Kinda come together on the same mission once you've done that any trying to finalize these goals for the next two quarters. You WanNA break down the goals in two weeks, so let's take a look a same example for quarter four, and let's say you have four. Four goals for the fourth quarter on average you should be accomplishing one of these goals every three weeks, and you should be a third of the way of accomplishing that goal every week. Let's make it simple. Let's say one of your goals is a financial goal and you want increase your monthly recurring revenue by three thousand dollars. Okay, that's the goal for that quarter. Okay, so if you're trying to hit that goal and And it depends on when you wanna hit it. You WanNa hit in the first few weeks or do you WanNa hit it by the end of the quarter. Let's say the end of the quarter. That means every month. You need to be increasing your Mr by thousand dollars. You have to know if you're on track or not. We'll gets measured gets managed. That's what Peter Drucker said one of the fathers of marketing right. Right so you have to make sure you're on-track and you have to track yourself. Hold yourself accountable, and you have to hold the whole team accountable. That's involved and look at these goals every time you hey guys, are we on track? Are we hitting that goal? Already getting closer, it's week two. We've increased by three hundred. Okay, we're on track. This is the point same thing with any other goal whether it's product. You're. You're trying to launch a new feature or a new product, and you have your whole product Spec in the whole timeline of that project. Are we third away into that project by the end of the first month? Break it down by six. Are we one twelfth away right, or at least you can break down that project in two weeks. What should be done by the end of every week, so you hit that goal? Goal? You gotta get really micro here. Because every week we gotta make sure we're on track and if we're not, we need to make sure we get back on track. And then some. By the next week we got hold over bet accountable and make sure everybody understands. These are not just goals or Windsor, wishes these are actual plans. He's our blueprints to getting to the achievement to getting to where we want to otherwise. Otherwise. We're going to be high and dry at the end of the year. We're going to be disappointed. We're not GONNA hit goal. We want to finish strong, and that means analyzing and holding everybody on the team that's involved accountable and keeping it front and center every single week

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