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WE'RE NOT GONNA go round by round, but we will briefly touch on everything. Let's start in the east buck magic. We kinda agreed for five games. They're raptors nets. You know what the nets might fall into the eight. Now, that I'm looking at it, the nets are sent him. No, they're only up a had to rely on the magic I. Really got to think you got to think that the magic or pushing for that seven because historically you look last year, they have the raptors. That's crazy theory, but I could easily see the nets dropping dimwit. He's not there obviously. No, Katie. Durant De'andre. There nothing. They've Jamal Crawford I. Think Michael, Beasley went he got smoothie and then he flew back home. So Nets would get smoked about abuts. Now. I'm actually GONNA look up the nets. I don't know if ESPN will show me either bubble depth chart, miserable miserable. Christiana. Do do you remember when we went to the grizzlies nets game and he went on? He was well, he went off Chris Verde, but he future superstar and most improved player Charissa avert. Joe. Harris. Timothy Luobu Caiero was playing the four, her only. Correct. He is trust. He was a sixers player that we drafted the late first round where I was like this guy. The. Guy. It wasn't and then Jared Allen at the five that is an atrocity of a team with Tyler. Johnson didn't even know he was on that Jamal Crawford off the bench Garrett, temple and. design. On Mussa. What about is is napier there. Okay. Wow. So then that's I'm actually pretty confidence and they're going to be the eight seat. Be You know what I'm. They might own I'm pretty confident in saying that the nets might be the night scene. I. Think Whistle. Get off on that. That's pretty bold Okay. All right. So let's focus on the core then so that Celtic, seat Pacers sixers Celtics are nine and a half back and the heater twelve. So they're celtics are pretty much locked in the three. Now, where it gets interesting, he'd at four doesn't really matter. They're gonNA be the four or five most likely unless the Pacers and sixers go. bonkers Sixers tied at five and six. Do know how he's a six or schedule as what do you think happens and have we heard is only deep applying SA. He's been playing during scrimmages. We haven't confirmed if he's playing during scrimmages like, what are you deriving I? Don't get if I'm him I'm thinking. Well, there's a lot of talk about like some. Leonard stuff going on behind the background in Indiana about like what's go with his injury? SA- bonus is a big loss for that. One hundred dollars in the pacers, are kind of irrelevant. Like listen the sixers in the Pacers are both fourteen games back in the one right now. So technically we're tied, but the Pacers have a tiebreaker for whatever reason I don't. I don't see these teams going all out in these first eight games, I. Think it's more of a chemistry thing I. Don't think one team is pushing for seating versus the other. Like you look at the Sixers, they could get the five or the six. That's a big difference because you're looking at Miami in the first round or Boston the first round I. don't care about the first round I think we can beat both of those teams pretty pretty easily, but then it's are you on the Milwaukee side of the or are you not and the way I think about it I used to before I was like. Super Confident in the sixers like the whole. You know before the break. Yeah I was like we need to get that. We need to stay in the six. We can't see Milwaukee, the second round, and now that I'm Kinda. cocky about it in a very bad way, we're GONNA have to see Milwaukee no matter. If we WANNA get to where we want. To see them. No matter what. So I don't really care who we play first round. We Played Boston. First round. It has that big feeling because Boston's had our number historically, it's a big story. If play Miami, you have the story of Jimmy Coming Back, I? Think we can work Miami way more easily than we would. Boston but I don't see a problem with either of them given their lack of interior on let's say you don't see a problem like Like Boston or he'd been listening this I'm actually like probably screaming out loud right now, you're you're talking about those soution were currently have better records and better teams this season, but but listen listen and you're talking about like the nets and you're gonNA. Walk through them in four games, maybe you'll give him a gay, it could it could go six, but we will not lose exactly. I'm hired to defend I will. Bet You. I will bet you a hundred dollars right now. No matter who the sixers play first round. They'll get out of it. I, think you. He'd. I would like to revisit that bet with the Celtics. And the heat of giving you problems this year they really have. not, really acid table. They blew us out by thirty, but we blew out them out by, but they have shown an action to be the toughest team to play the bucks, sears weather to the buff. So you can't fully discredited. The Way I, view the he. Of course, they were the way I view. The heat is in this scenario is they were clicking big time when the break ended. Teams have to work to build that chemistry with a bunch of young guys that that matter to them between Bam. Bam, by your arguments because every team got worse in the bubble and the sixers got better somehow. So like you just got to be realistic yet math has. So. Let's see in those in that east by also don't think. Jimmy Butler can be the number one guy on a championship contending who gave me the number one guy on the sixers on a championship contending team.

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